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We are Brian & Lucy, and this blog is a way of joining in with the inspiring world of simple living blogs which we have enjoyed so much over the last couple of years.

It started with web searches on how to feel calmer and how to save money, and unexpectedly (at the time although it seems obvious now), both topics came up in the same places! The first blogs Lucy subscribed to were Zen Habits and Becoming Minimalist, followed by Be More With Less and Miss Minimalist. Excited by the ideas of mindfulness and voluntary simplicity, the next discovery for us was Rowdy Kittens, which introduced us to Tiny Houses. We have since spent many happy hours watching tiny house tours in the living room of out small-but-not-tiny bungalow (576 sq feet for those who like to know!), and have felt lighter and freer as we have decluttered as much as we can and reduced our wants, helped by a very complicated Excel spreadsheet of household finances where every penny is recorded (Lucy is the nerd). We look after a small woodland near to where we live which provides us with firewood.

Since we started this blog in 2014, we have paid off a loan, and shifted to being a one-income, one-homemaker household. This is an exciting journey that also feels political in the truest sense of the word, as the way we are living our lives represents the things we believe in.

We hope you enjoy our ramblings.



We were delighted to be on the Tiny Trail’s list for this award! It was also great to discover their blog – we can’t believe it hadn’t come up as a ‘WordPress recommends’ for us as it ticks all our boxes.

So here is how the Very Inspiring Blogger Award works:

  •  Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  •  Add the logo to your post.
  •  Nominate ten (10) bloggers you admire and inform them of the nomination

Here are our 10 blogs:

Tiny House Giant Journey
This is the Little Life
Born Again Minimalist
Minimal Millennial
Georgia’s Wildlife Watch
Ecology Liz
2 Boys 1 Homestead
Shoestring Cottage
Mindful Balance
Simplifying at Home


17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I just read thru the most recent three posts and I think they are great. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks also for noting the blogs that have been influential to you. I’ve seen a couple like Zen Habits and Miss Minimalists but will check out the others.

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