A weekend of rest and relaxation

This weekend we both had three days off together and the plan was to get ahead with some home tasks, especially firewood for the winter. However, our bodies had other ideas, Brian was having particularly bad sciatica and hayfever, and on Friday evening Lucy’s shoulder locked into a painful strain which lasted for the whole three days.

So, manual jobs were off the agenda, and instead we had a more relaxing weekend.

On Saturday we visited some open gardens in a nearby village, and we were glad we did that because we weren’t able to visit the open gardens in our own village on Sunday – it was rainy, and we were too tired and achey. Instead, Brian made oat cookies which we ate while watching a film on DVD:

Ready for delicious cookies

Ready for delicious cookies

And then we went out for an evening walk in the village, ending up in the churchyard where we looked in awe at the huge variety of clouds including these ones with shapes that reminded us of dolphin or whales’ tails:


And when we got home, we had chips from the Chinese take-away with veggie burgers and the first of our home-grown kale while watching Shed of The Year – can any restaurant experience beat that?

Today we got the lawn mowing done, and then went on two exciting trips. First, to the library where Lucy picked up two novels, which one will she read first? No shopping trip in memory has ever resulted in bringing home anything as exciting as library books are, and the cost is £NOTHING!


And then we had a wonderful afternoon walking around a nearby nature reserve, with a picnic in the woods. We saw many kinds of damsel and dragonflies, a hobby and some baby pheasants, and so many orchids – it was very inspiring.

We spent a lot of time in the garden over the weekend – pottering, sky-watching, reading and taking photos. The garden is entering it’s summer lushness right now and so many things make us want to stop and savour it.


We were also thrilled to be listed as ‘Very Inspiring Bloggers’ this week – we’ve added our own 10 nominations to this page. Thank you, Tiny Trail!

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