June: A sunset, some sparkle, and living alongside wildlife


June – midsummer – a beautiful time of year, and this year we took more time to enjoy it by having some long weekends, or sitting in the garden after work (sometimes with a gin and tonic each.)

10 June - sparkly sandals

Sparkly sandals are a simple pleasure of summer. £15 well spent last year! This month was the first month since 2013 when we didn’t record all our expenditure. It felt like a big change for us to stop doing it but now we are settled and coming up for 2 years on our one-income budget, there really isn’t any need to do it.


This day-flying moth was a new sighting for us. It’s called a Mother Shipton, named after the prophetess whose face the wings resemble.


We also have a new house-mate! This is our porch, where a leafcutter bee has made a nest. We’ve seen it carrying in the pieces of leaf, and packing them in tightly.

17 June - Sheringham sunset

Another first for us was the experience of seeing the sun set into the ocean. On a very hot afternoon we headed to the coast expecting a cool evening sea breeze. It wasn’t much cooler there, but we enjoyed ice creams, fish and chips, and a walk along the shore before the sun turned deeper orange, then red, and then appeared to be swallowed by the sea!


We collected some jam jars and added to our wall of candles. The Mexican fleabane was only sowed into the wall 1 year ago, and now looks like it was always there.



Kevin Maher – The Fields
David Whitehouse – Mobile Library

Goldfrapp – Annabel
case/lang/veirs – Greens of June
Perfume Genius – Otherside
Ludovico Eindaudi – I Giorni
James – Nothing But Love
Radiohead at Glastonbury
Grizzly Bear – Mourning Sound
Years & Years – Shine – This month Lucy finished listening to all the music we own, A-Z, and de-cluttering unwanted tracks. This was the final artist of the alphabet. The whole process took 3 years!


A Sometimes Rainy Bank Holiday

This bank holiday long weekend felt very much needed. It gave us time get some useful stuff done, but also to relax and have fun.

Our cherry tomatoes

Our cherry tomatoes

First priority was to enjoy our breakfasts. On Saturday we were treated to an amazing bread and cakes feast with a friend, and then on Sunday and Monday we spent a long time creating a delicious cooked breakfast for ourselves with our home grown cherry tomatoes and oregano.

Yesterday we spent about 3 hours re-stacking our woodshed – slowly and carefully, as Brian’s back is bad – to put dry wood to the back and wet wood on the outside for drying. It was very satisfying. Every few minutes we found something interesting in the woodpile, including spiders, moths and a ginger fungus!

Copper Underwing moth hiding in the woodpile

Copper Underwing moth hiding in the woodpile

Ginger fungus - we don't know it's proper name

Ginger fungus – we don’t know it’s proper name

Today it rained all day, and Brian’s son was with us again so we played indoor ping pong and a game with magnets (skimming them across the floor tiles with the aim of as many joining together in one lump as possible), and made and ate a lemon drizzle cake. As the rain came down outside, we knew we were in the best place, and incredibly grateful to have a safe, warm, dry home to live in together. This is how we try to always think, and it doesn’t leave any room for wanting ‘stuff’. We have everything we need.

The woodshed - before we moved all this wood inside, and put wet wood on the outside

The woodshed – before we moved all this wood inside, and put wet wood on the outside