Seasonal life and light

Since we last wrote it has become Spring! As the season changes, we can really appreciate the fact that we are on a turning Earth and every day feels different, with more of nature awakening.

Mornings now mean sunrises, each one different, and sometimes it’s possible to look at it directly when it’s low and orange. How exciting to glimpse it through the trees…


…and once you are past the trees, you get to see it owning the sky.


In the last two weeks the ground has transformed into colour with snowdrops, winter aconites and crocuses, making our walks bright and cheerful.


There’s also an abundance of hazel catkins this year, eye-catching where they hang on otherwise bare trees. As the sun sets at the other end of the day, it lights up their intricate details.


We hope your days are warming with the spring and bringing hope and change.

Current reading:
Ali Smith -Autumn
Sara Taylor – The Lauras
Ann Patchett – State of Wonder
Neil Pasricha – The Happiness Equation

Lucy’s current playlist:
Milagres – Glowing Mouth
Christine & The Queens – Wandering Lovers
Lamb – Gorecki
Foo Fighters – Walking After You


Hummus and Humanness

First of all, hummus:


It’s amazing that we’ve never tried this before, but this week we successfully made our own hummus WITHOUT use of a blender. This was made with a potato masher. It’s so much nicer to have it rough-textured. It tasted better than shop-bought and made the  house smell of lemons and garlic.

We also made jam from the garden gooseberries. Far more delicious than any shop bought stuff. You don’t have to worry about having a jam pot or a thermometer, or even jars – we put ours into mugs. These simple processes, that don’t involve many ingredients, difficult techniques or hours of work, are definitely the most satisfying.

As for ‘humanness’…occupying our minds at the moment is the question of what to do next: in our own lives (as we can perhaps now focus away from money and onto other things that matter) but also for humanity as a species!

This week we went to the launch of our friend’s book, which included a viewing of the film ‘I Am’, and this came at just the right time. We both seem to have spent our whole lives questioning ourselves (and everyone else!) about the right way to live. What is enough? How prepared are we to live in a way that reflects what we believe about how to be a good human? Who should be compromised when we make our choices – us or the rest of the planet?

Its important to us to ask the big questions and try to find a way to live that makes a difference. But big questions take a long time to answer, and in the meantime we try and remember that you can always be doing something, no matter how small, if it’s pointing in the right direction then it is making a difference. You can be thinking about the big questions while you do the little things.

For example, the home-made hummus means one less plastic tub in the bin. Looking at these images should motivate us all to produce less waste! Lucy letting her hair go grey means less chemicals down the drain and less time worrying about roots showing. Turning the heated towel rail off for the summer saves a bit of electricity. Spending more time with our family and friends gives us an opportunity to hear other perspectives and be reminded of what matters to everyone around us. And we hope this blog is a little extra drop in the ocean too.