Butterfly Explosion


Gatekeeper on Hemp Agrimony

In the last few days we have had a butterfly explosion in the garden. Yesterday there were 10 different species, and at least 60 individual Gatekeepers at any one time. At the moment the favourite nectar plants are marjoram and hemp agrimony.



We are also providing the right plants for the caterpillars of our butterflies, which often is as simple as leaving long grass for them. Many species breed and live their whole lifecycle in the garden, such as these ringlets as well as gatekeepers and meadow browns.


Mating Ringlets

When we have been wandering in the garden, butterflies have sometimes taken advantage of us as a good spot to sun themselves in. This comma liked Lucy’s flowery skirt.



And this gatekeeper spent several minutes relaxing on Lucy’s arm yesterday.


Female Gatekeeper

As well as butterflies we have had our first grasshoppers for years. The mini-meadow areas should be a good habitat for them now they have found us again.


This longhorn beetle was not in the garden, but was a first for the meadow/scrub Brian is working on. It was so eager to get at the nectar in this bramble flower that it’s head rarely appeared and we could only photograph the rest of the body.


Rutpela Maculata beetle


Robyn – Ever Again
Sufjan Stevens – With My Whole Heart
Patty Griffin – Rider of Days
Bon Iver – Faith
Finn – Paradise (Wherever you are)

Library bookshelf:
Brett Anderson – Coal Black Mornings
Bridget Collins – The Binding
Aminatta Forna – Happiness
Chris Packham – Fingers In The Sparkle Jar
Helen Maconald – H is for Hawk




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