Meadows, orchids and summer refreshments

Pictures from three meadows this week. One was at a nearby open garden, where we heard lots of grasshoppers and saw skipper butterflies.


This churchyard meadow was full of pyramidal orchids.


And of course our own mini-meadow in the garden, which is having its best year ever. Lots of ringlet and meadow brown butterflies, hoverflies, our first ever clearwing moth (currant clearwing – on blackcurrants!) and the 6-spot burnets active every day and many breeding pairs.


One plant that has really spread out is the bedstraw, which is an important food plant for many moth caterpillars. It’s the frothy-flowered plant in this photo, mixed in with meadow cranesbill.


Lucy worked a long and hot day mid-week at an event, but ice cream was available which certainly helped.


We were also treated to a family meal and some vivid colours appeared in the wine glass as the sun moved across the sky.



Library bookshelf:
Markus Zusak – Bridge of Clay
Sally Rooney – Normal People

Playlist: from Glastonbury TV coverage!
Tame Impala – Let It Happen
Tame Impala – Borderline
Hot Chip – Melody of Love
Janelle Monae – I Like That
Christine & The Queens – The Stranger








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