Caterpillars, spiderlings, and garden abundance

These caterpillars appeared in our mini-meadow a fortnight ago, climbing up long stems and pupating. We knew straight away that they were 6-Spot Burnet moths, our amazing colourful garden newcomers from last summer. Its wonderful to know they bred successfully and are with us again this year. We have at least 25 pupae and are keeping close watch to see when they hatch.


Here are some other young creatures – baby spiders! These spiderlings cluster into a tight ball and then disperse if disturbed.


On a nature reserve walk we saw ducklings and pheasant chicks, plus this evidence of a nearby thrush nest.


We took time to watch the river flowing towards the banks.


The garden is overflowing with plants and wildlife. Birds like to perch on our recently pollarded willow, it makes a good singing post.


We’ve seen our first hedgehog and have a song thrush regularly visiting for snails. Slugs and snails are really vital food for these creatures and other wildlife. We don’t grow anything which we wouldn’t want to find slugs and snails on! The whole garden is just a big wildlife buffet, and summer is it’s busiest time.


The gnarly old apple tree, which probably pre-dates our 1960s bungalow by several decades.


Library bookshelf:
Graham Norton – A Keeper
Jeanette Winterson – The Gap of Time
Anna Hughes – Pedal Power

Arctic Lake – Cherry Coloured Funk
DB Boulevard – Point of View
Rufus Wainwright – Bitter Tears
Ben Folds Five – Jane








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