Blossom, books, a birthday & climate action

This week we’ve been following all the words spoken about the climate emergency and waiting for the first thing that could really be called an ‘action’ being taken as a result. Surely, there must be something soon! As for actions we can take, our almost-10 year old car has increasing malfunctions, and so we’ve been looking into the world of second-hand electric cars. We’re lucky to have a private driveway space where we could charge one, so it seems like the best decision for now so we are saving up. The ultimate wish for the future is to have no car.

There has been lots of weather in the last few days including short but heavy hail showers, and a decent amount of rain to help our plants and wildlife.


Blossom is now coming out on the hawthorns, transforming the garden.


Our lilacs in tubs are flowering for the first time ever.


Lucy had a birthday this week involving sausage sandwiches, including organic ‘vegan wieners’ which were a bit bizarre but nice! We hadn’t been able to find any organic veggie sausages until recently. There was also an unplanned llama / alpaca theme, the below things are from different people who hadn’t been in touch with each other!


Then we had a nature reserve and churchyard walk and admired the wild flowers that are left to grow there, amongst them was this hybrid Primula (a mix of cowslip and primrose).


Today we went for a walk to the local library, hiding under a hedge when one of the big hail showers came through. It’s so satisfying to go out and bring back a big heavy haul of goods for free and with minimal environmental impact! Libraries really are the best shops. Brian has started ‘Betty’s Wartime Diary’ and what is most striking is that people are now starting to talk about the climate emergency in a similar way to a war effort, pushing governments to act at the highest level of urgency. In the memoir it is clear how much the sharing of resources, skills, time and support was part of everyday life. That’s what we need to see more of in our lives today, if we are to bring communities together.


Library bookshelf:
Graham Norton – Holding
Helene Hanff – 84 Charing Cross Road
& the above selection!

Tame Impala – Patience
Hot Chip – Hungry Child
B-52s – She Brakes for Rainbows










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