Cakes, clouds, oak leaves and a tiny moth

Today is wet and windy – and we’re very grateful for the rain as we’ve been in a drought. This is the best kind of day to spend cosily indoors, especially as last bank holiday weekend we were out every day. Today we’ve made a banana loaf to enjoy at home, whereas last Saturday we made a lemon Victoria sponge to take out for a sunny picnic.


It was home haircut time for Lucy. It feels and looks much better now this has been chopped off!


This swan is one of a nesting pair which we saw on Monday, and later in the week Brian saw the female lay an egg, which prompted the male to trumpet triumphantly!


Oak trees are coming into leaf, one of the most stunning colours in nature.


We are starting to see one of our favourite insects in the garden for another year, the tiny Mint Moth. They must like our garden because we let the mints romp around, and they never become a problem plant (despite what some gardeners say!)


There have been so many bright blue skies during the week, and on this day the clouds seemed to be lining up.


Looking out of the window now at the cloudy sky and dripping leaves, this is as joyful to us as a sunny day, as it’s what the plants and animals (including humans!) need, and over recent weeks it seems like an increasing number of people are starting to realise that we can’t take the functioning of our climate and weather systems for granted. We need for there to be action now – and no more talk of ‘business as usual.’

Library bookshelf:
Miriam Darlington – Owl Sense
Emma Healey – Whistle In The Dark
Haemin Sunim – Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

Hot Chip – Hungry Child
London Grammar – Help
Tame Impala – Patience










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