World of watery delights


We have found ourselves heading towards water any chance we get this spring, including deep blue fens and sparkling ponds.


We even found somewhere where we could dunk our feet in! Next stop will have to be the seaside.


One of the first signs of spring last month was the celandines which pop up all over the garden, reaching for the sun. We recently heard a gardener on the radio talking about how satisfying it is to pull out these ‘weeds.’ But whenever we see celandines, they are brightening up spaces which would look much sadder without them.


The garden is growing in colour every week now.


A song thrush has seen singing regularly and we found it’s favourite place to eat – it has been using this stone as an anvil on which to smash open snails.


One thing which is always appealing is the idea of moving through life lightly, with the minimum of clutter. So it was very exciting for Lucy to find this on sale. It works amazingly well even on thick wavy hair. Once the supply of bottled shampoo we have has been used up (bought on special offer, so we did get quite a lot!) we can switch permanently to these bars. Zero waste, and using it makes you feel as if you are trekking in the wilderness rather than standing in your (snazzy pink 1960s) bathroom!


Library bookshelf:
Celeste Ng – Little Fires Everywhere
CJ Sansom – Tombland
Margaret Atwood – Lady Oracle
Salley Vickers – The Librarian

Haydn Thorpe – Diviner
Talk Talk – Time Its Time
Solange – Borderline
Lizzo – Juice
Tori Amos – Silent All These Years
Mercury Rev – Dream of a Young Girl as a Flower
Patty Griffin – Servant of Love








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