Autumnal Creatures


Its autumn! There’s so much to see and enjoy. Colours and creatures, sunrises and sunsets, warm days with blue skies, and refreshing rain showers, like today (rainy days are blog-writing days). Its a good time for atmospheric walks. Brian saw this conservation-grazing highland cattle on a nature reserve, coat glowing in the sun.


Yesterday was a warm day good for laundry and for photographing the autumn leaves.


We recently found this spiky, spotty and stripy caterpillar eating a Devil’s Bit Scabious flower. Its a Knotgrass moth. We’d never seen a caterpillar eating a flower before.


Then the first ivy bees to visit the garden turned up. For several weeks they were busily visiting the ivy every day and packing pollen onto their bodies, while trying to not to get caught by hornets.


Our new little mistletoe is growing well although it won’t have berries this year.


We’ve been thinking even more than usual about how we live, after the recent UN report. What else can we reduce or change to lower our impact? If everybody asked this question and acted on the answers, we could all make such a difference!

Library bookshelf:
Joanna Cannon – Three Things About Elsie
Ever Dundas – Goblin
Anne Tyler – Searching for Caleb
Sarah Moss – Bodies of Light
Claire Morrall – The Last of the Greenwoods
Anne Tyler – Digging to America
Isabella Tree – Wilding

St Vincent – Fast Slow Disco
Bon Iver – 8 ‘Circle’
Paul Simon – Stranger to Stranger
Patty Griffin – Shine a Different Way
Perfume Genius – No Good
King Princess – 1950
Neko Case – Ragtime
Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait
Owen Pallett – On a Path
The Lemon Twigs – Small Victories







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