Notes from our Staycation

Its our summer staycation! We’re over halfway through and enjoying a rainy day for blogging. We’ve been for a walk every day until now.


Afternoon walk with dramatic sky


Great Crested Grebe chicks sleeping on the water of a broad


Sparkling water on North Norfolk salt marsh

In the garden we are keeping areas of long growth into the autumn and winter. If everything is cut down to the ground, there is not enough cover and shelter for wildlife. We just take out some over-vigorous patches, leaving as much as we can for over-wintering insects, frogs and small mammals. We certainly don’t rake the mini meadow any more.


While looking at the meadow we spotted that some seeds we collected from another local walk had grown and we now have Agrimony flowering. This is the food plant for snout moth caterpillars.


In the driveway are a great supply of blackberries. Lucy has been picking these every couple of days to add to ‘overnight oats’ breakfasts.

IMG_20180820_221003 POTD Blackberries

We don’t mind this rainy day today and we’ve been making use of it in ways that will contribute to our simple, frugal life. Lucy has cleaned and checked her bicycle, for autumn commuting. Brian made biscuits, so we’ve had treats even on a no-spend day. And now we’re watching a documentary about waste and recycling in Newcastle, which is shocking (so much packaging is produced only to be thrown away) but motivating. We create a tiny amount of waste, and never throw away food for example, but if there is anything we can improve on, we will! But the answer has to be for more pressure to be put on manufacturers of over-packaged products to use alternatives such as compostable packaging, or no packaging at all.

Library bookshelf:
Willy Vlautin – Lean on Pete
Lorrie Moore – Bark
Anne Tyler – Celestial Navigation
Chloe Benjamin – The Immortalists
Donal Ryan – A Slanting of the Sun
Alice Munro – The View from Castle Rock

Regina Spektor – Tornadoland
Goldfrapp – Some People
Rihanna/SZA – Consideration
Johnny Marr – A Different Gun
Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel
St Vincent – Fear the Future
Serpentwithfeet – Bless Ur Heart
Natalie Merchant – Not in This Life










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