Lilac Time



This was the sunset last Monday bank holiday, after we went out for an early evening picnic since the daytime had been too hot for us! We took sausage sandwiches to a nature reserve and sat on a bench perfectly placed for watching deer. We also heard and saw a cuckoo and a barn owl, and smelled the bluebells.

There’s been a few visits from swifts, although at first they didn’t hang around. We hope they’ll soon be here every day to provide their summer soundtrack of whistly screams. We also found out this week how endangered they are, and we’re going to find out if there are any nest boxes suitable for our house (being a bungalow, it might be too low for them).


The real theme of this week has been lilacs, they are flowering everywhere. We had a walk in the village and smelled all the ones we saw which we could reach! This enormous one is on a field boundary. From a distance it looks like a big purple rectangle.

Since we plan to do as much walking as we can, this year Lucy’s birthday acquisition is this rucksack. It sits neatly in the bicycle pannier for lifting out at work, and when we go on a walk from home its the right size for anything we would want to bring.


The plan was also to get some sandals and it was a lot of fun looking for some…however, in the meantime an older pair that had been disregarded as too scruffy from years of going through muddy puddles while cycling have scrubbed up really well with shampoo and a nail brush! Here they are drying off (in our snazzy 1960s pink bath.) They will definitely do for the time being.


This weekend is cool and damp, but we are lucky to have big windows that show us the garden from every room. Some days the living room is like a bird hide – lately we’ve seen great tits and sparrows within a metre of the window collecting insects in this border.


The kitchen looks out onto the driveway hedge and trees, and this week the hawthorn blossom is coming out. It seems like every time we walk into the kitchen the view has changed and got even more blossomy!



Library books:
Arundhati Roy – The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
Donal Ryan – All We Shall Know
Rachel Elliott – Whispers Through a Megaphone

SuRie – Storm (deserved a higher score at Eurovision!)
Paul Simon – Peace Like a River
Janelle Monae – Neon Valley Street
The Lilac Time – Salvation Song (had to listen to them after naming this blog post after them!)


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