Simple Autumn Enjoyments


We have re-affirmed our frugal aims this Autumn, after a rather spendy Summer. It is a good time of year to be doing this, as there’s so much free stuff to enjoy anyway, especially the ever-changing colours of the leaves. 

The shorter daylight hours mean we are more likely to see sunrises and sunsets.


A good stock of library books is a wonderful thing for chilly days and dark evenings.


Most of our summer spending increase was on food. To brings things back to a more comfortable level for us, we’re reducing ready-made foods and enjoying more simple dinners such as a delicious wintery vegetable stew.


This week the milder weather ended and we have had our first fires. The work involved in preparing and storing the wood, and making up the fire each night, is worth the enjoyment we get from the fire.


Last year on 1 November Lucy started keeping a record of how many days she cycled all the way (15 miles round trip) to work. Tuesday marked the end of a year of journeys, and the total was 110 days of cycling. A photo of the trusty bicycle against the cycle path’s autumn colours marks the final journey….and now the second year of counting has begun!


Current reading:

Graham Swift – Waterland
Anne Tyler – Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
Naomi Alderman – The Lessons
Rose Tremain – Sacred Country
Philip Pullman – Le Belle Sauvage
AL Kennedy – Serious Sweet

Current listening:

Grizzly Bear – Losing All Sense
Jessie Ware  – Midnight
Coldplay – White Shadows
Beyoncé – Formation
Radiohead – The Numbers
SZA – Drew Barrymore
Owen Pallett – Tryst With Mephistopheles
Richard Hawley – Serious