Simple Living Review: April 2016


Bright new leaves opening on an English oak


We didn’t save anything this month but only because we stocked up on coal which will last into our next financial year. Our daily food and drink spend averaged £13.75, and we bought the following items:
– Second load of coal, as its been a long and cold start to the year
– One fill of petrol, one bus season ticket
– Choir joining fee
– Plants for the garden: blackcurrant, Achilleas, Salvia
– Clothes pegs
– Shampoo, conditioner
– Birthday cards and gifts

It was Lucy’s birthday at the end of the month and we had a day out at a water garden on a mission to see some ducklings, Brian’s son spotted three which were hiding in some leaves. There were also two surprises: a muntjac deer crossing a bridge towards us, and two cranes flying overhead!


And this was the scene on Lucy’s birthday morning: tulips from work have been joined by a surprise bottle of Penderyn single malt Welsh whisky! This is an independent distillery which we like to support.


As pledged, Lucy joined a choir before her 35th birthday but hasn’t yet managed to sing openly at home, so this is still a personal goal for the year, but it should be reached very soon. What she needs is a TV advert with a catchy tune on it, or something like that, to encourage her to burst into song in the living room!

Other goals for May: To put the glass back into our free second hand greenhouse, to research whether we need a new mower, for Brian to pace himself more when doing days of practical work and not try to do too much at once, and to start looking into switching electricity provider since they have dramatically increased our bill. And, as the days warm up, to spend more time enjoying the garden and all our busy Spring wildlife.



Lucy’s Books & Music Corner:

Song of the month:
 Christine & The Queens – iT
The National – Sorrow
Natalie Merchant – Wonder
My Morning Jacket – Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

Book of the month: Nathan Filer – The Shock of the Fall
Colm Toibin – The Blackwater Lightship
Jessie Burton – The Miniaturist
I also gave up on a few books this month (won’t mention those) and spent a lot of time reading about Victoria Wood with lots of classic sketches and lines remembered.



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