Home restaurant, home café

One of the most helpful approaches we’ve used since simplifying our lives is the idea that whatever we used to pay to go and do somewhere else, we can often do cheaper at home without losing anything of the experience. In fact, the experience is often better anyway!

With a bit of imagination, home can be often transformed into any number of different environments that help you relax, be creative or whatever it is you want to do. Here we’d like to share some of the ways we enjoy eating at home.

Home Restaurant & Café

When we feel like we need a special treat, we buy a ready made dinner that we wouldn’t normally have such as a curry or pies or pizza, add our own vegetables, and then deliberately sit down and eat it in our ‘home restaurant’. Here’s a photo of the day 6 years ago when we decided to start doing this consciously! (Note our spectacular 1960s carpet)

2007 10 28 Home restaurant

Our first home restaurant experience, 2010


There isn’t much table dressing involved – maybe just a candle – and these days we also don’t buy wine more than once a year, but the difference is in the lack of thinking/cooking/washing up involved compared to a normal night and our mindset of feeling like we are having a special occasion. And do we miss actual restaurants? No! Now we can have whatever background noise we like and we never have to sit next to the toilets! Best of all, there is no journey home afterwards: we’re already there.

Last weekend was our 12th anniversary and we had a family curry night, and a pie night!

03 07 Day off with pies

12th anniversary pie night

We also like big Sunday breakfasts, hot drinks, cakes and treats, and these become more special if we sit down properly and regard ourselves as being in our home café.


Today is definitely a home café day. We’ve had a big breakfast and listened to the Archers and Desert Island Discs, then been out to a garden centre and bought some aubrietias with a Christmas voucher,  and then come home for a coffee and cake.

For Brian as a coffee connoisseur, coffee made at home is always a hundred times better than bought, and it works out much cheaper. Brian uses a milk frother and home-made wooden spoon to create the perfect coffee:


the perfect coffee


Lucy likes the idea of sitting in a café writing, but this can also be done at home most of the time! A comfy chair, a notebook and a pen is all you need.


hot drinks, cake and notebook: home café


One thing we are looking forward to now is enjoying the outdoor seating in our home restaurant/café! Its not been warm enough yet but here’s what we hope to be doing soon: cake in the sun sitting on the front steps!

04 05 Lemon cake and gardening day

looking forward to sitting outside again soon!

3 thoughts on “Home restaurant, home café

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    • Its such a simple pleasure isn’t it! We had our first outdoor treats yesterday after felling part of a tree in the garden – a very enjoyable reward for the hard work! Thanks for reading 🙂

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