Blue Skies, Bag & Bowie Fans

The blue skies this weekend have been an inspiring break from the recent rain and wind. We’ve had a walk each day and made the most of it, catching the moon in different places and taking lots of photographs.


A moon window

There are so many different kinds of sky blue – sometimes several going on at once!



01 09 I made a bag

Last weekend, Lucy made a bag – been meaning to do this for over 2 years! This is for transporting office clothes to work when cycling. She is not the neatest sewer, so if you are a perfectionist look away now because here’s a close up of one of the handle attachments.



Quality Item!


Who wants everything perfect and generic-looking anyway? Better to have something that makes you giggle every time you see it.

And, on a similar theme…

Both of us are David Bowie fans so we were very moved by the coverage of the news that he had died. We had only just watched the Lazarus video last weekend and found it haunting and poignant. Lucy was born in the 80s and started with Labyrinth and the Goblin King (a classic) but Brian was there at the beginning, he saw the Starman performance on Top of the Pops, made a scrapbook, and he and his friends drew the Aladdin Sane lightning bolt on their school workbooks.

What is brilliant is that all the people sharing their memories are great people themselves, telling a story that you don’t often get to hear en masse like this – the story of growing up feeling like an oddball in some way, whatever it might be. On the Guardian website the messages scrolled up, stories about being bullied at school (and not just at school), feeling like you don’t fit in, needing to find a way to live that doesn’t just follow the herd of conformity.

Often in people’s outsider stories, what starts off feeling like a limitation or constriction ends up enabling you to grow and evolve in your own unique direction.  It’s often the reason people can relate to one another, as so many of us have felt this way, and those that do tend to have an open mind and an empathy which could probably solve many of this world’s problems if only they were the ones in charge (in as much as anyone should be ‘in charge,’ that is.)

So for a few days it’s felt like the outsiders have taken over the media, the usual rubbish about shopping, brands, lifestyles and mainstream celebrity put aside in favour of different voices for once, and it would be nice if it could stay that way.





4 thoughts on “Blue Skies, Bag & Bowie Fans

  1. We just watched Labyrinth the other day. I did see it when I was younger, but it gives you a different perspective when you are able to revisit things again later in life. Definitely a classic!

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