November Simple Living Review: major works and little pleasures


Our November was a rhythm of super-busy days, and very slow and spacious evenings. Most of the super-busyness was down to Brian and his launch into many of the biggest projects that our home has been needing, for example:



The concrete path  being smashed up…


This can only be done a very small amount at a time as it’s so strenuous, but he’s also been putting up guttering, and doing all the laundry, food shopping, cooking and gardening and firewood provision.

Moments of stillness made themselves possible, however. Coming out of the front door one afternoon to do another task, Brian was stopped in his tracks by a sparrowhawk which had just caught and killed a dove on the lawn! By keeping very still he was able to watch the whole process of it removing the feathers and eating most of the bird.

One little victory was finding a part to fix our fairy lights which had  a frayed wire. For just £1.89 we now have sparkle again!


Watching ‘Annie Claus is Coming To Town’!


Our evenings in the glow of our lights have been pretty restful – partly because they have to be after such busy days, but also because it’s our intention to make them that way. We aren’t ones for going out in the evening (which is lucky as it saves us a lot of money!) and for us a perfect evening at this time of year involves lighting the fire, having dinner together, watching TV shows that we can discuss, and other things one or both of us enjoys like reading, making walking sticks, yoga etc, plus generally being silly and making each other laugh.

We had an expensive month because of buying the tools and materials for the home maintenance we’re doing. The tools are good investments, and there were a few other items like this in the month’s budget.

Food and drink: We were exactly on budget, spending our target of £10 per day and no more.  This is even with having a take-away, and a “home restaurant night” where we had shop-bought pies and a sticky toffee pudding. Wow!
Transport: Bicycle insurance renewal, spray oil, train tickets for a day trip and a bus season ticket, and one fill of petrol
Luxuries: Lucy bought some sparkly nail polish so she could get more into the spirit of Strictly Come Dancing on Saturdays, and for Christmas occasions. Its a lot cheaper than buying a whole party outfit. There were also some CDs borrowed from the library and an MP3 downloaded (Sam Smith’s Bond theme song, if you’re interested!)
Home & Garden: This was our big spend, all things which we needed and had budgeted for: guttering, a pick/mattock, some saws, the fairy light attachment, mower petrol and other DIY bits.
Domestic: Sewing supplies (Brian is fixing up his coat), washing up liquid and a nail brush
Dental and health: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, first aid and medicine cupboard stuff, and an investment of a mooncup
Toiletries: Half price sale stock-up
Clothing: Lucy’s final work cardigan and some tights
Gifts: We spent a bit, but mostly planned ahead so that we can get the most out of our gift budget this year.

Lucy’s now got her Christmas notebook out again, for writing down inspiring festive quotes and ideas. We’re ready for the season!






2 thoughts on “November Simple Living Review: major works and little pleasures

  1. I like the sparkly nail varnish 🙂 I’ve been using a mooncup for the last ten years. Marvelous invention – saved me a lot of money and the environment too!

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