October 2015 Review: Simpler, slower living

Saluting an amazing sunset

Saluting an amazing sunset

October is over and having just looked back at our photos to select a few for this monthly review post, we’re amazed at how long the month seemed – in a good way! Time usually flies by so fast, but it’s slowed down noticeably since Brian left work at the start of the month.

Financial review
Here’s how we did for October:

  • BILLS ETC: We had higher costs this month as we are switching to some pay-ahead utilities e.g. phone and broadband. But in the long run, it will be a big saving! Also, we didn’t use very much electricity this month at all.
  • FOOD AND DRINK: Our average daily spend was £12.71. More than last month, but we did have a staycation during the month, and bought all the ingredients for Christmas cake baking along with other stock-ups.
  • PETROL: Only one fill for the month – this is beyond what we expected! We will probably travel around more in the summer months.
  • BUSES: Park and Ride to the cinema to see James Bond (the film was free –  we’ve had a gift card since Christmas to spend!)
  • LUXURIES: £3 on printing CD covers for our seasonal mix CD
  • HOME AND GARDEN: A box of assorted washers, and a fern
  • DOMESTIC: A lunchbox and an umbrella
  • DENTAL: Payment for one procedure
  • HEALTH: A more expensive month than usual, but only slightly over budget
  • TOILETRIES: Haircare and moisturiser
  • CLOTHING: Lucy has been buying a cardigan for work each month – last one next month!
  • GIFTS: A few Christmas spends

It’s been a really encouraging month – no real temptations for spending, as we are enjoying setting ourselves frugal challenges, celebrating no spend days, and doing no-spend hobbies – such as wood carving, see below for the spiral carved stick which Brian recently made!


At home, Brian has been working on big jobs such as removing floor tiles, tree pruning, and working out a variety of fantastic healthy dinners, along with all the other everyday jobs like bringing in firewood and coal, shopping, cleaning, and laundry. It’s so nice to be able to air the house and keep things fresh, such as our owl cushions which are seen here enjoying a bit of time outdoors during a cleaning session:


One way in which we have savoured some of our extra time is in reading many of the other fantastic simple living blogs out there, and watching inspiring videos, so that we feel really connected to a wider world of people trying to achieve a more mindful and sustainable life. We’re always so grateful for everything we find which helps motivate us and gives us the chance to share in other people’s experience and wisdom.

Happy November!


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