Cosy Colourful Autumn


This weekend we stayed close to home with just a couple of trips out for food. This is always a colourful time of year, but this year one of the trees in our garden has given us a surprise display that we’ve never seen before:


These leaves are from our North American Hawthorn, and we’ve never seen this ‘traffic light’ effect before. We don’t know what causes it but they are stunning to look at.

At this time of year our attention turns indoors, and we’re spending more time reading and baking, but the garden is still beautiful with lots of things in flower – as you can see reflected in the window of our book cabinet!


Although we still need to clean our chimney for the year, we’ve started having fires and on a chilly evening the warmth and glow couldn’t be more cosy. One of the things we keep meaning to do is to light candles more often, but we usually forget – not tonight though, as we have been enjoying the first use of this candle holder which Brian bought years ago and has never used.


None of this costs much to enjoy, all it needs is for us to pay attention.

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