A Weekend With a Bit of Everything

This was our first weekend after Brian left work! We had no plans and just wanted to enjoy this moment after waiting and planning for it. The weekend then just naturally filled up with all the right things.

Lucy went to the library in the sunshine on Saturday morning and got a book about the weather and three novels (including her first ever Poirot!) After making brownies she then had a bit of time to read in the garden while they cooled.

A reading space

A reading space

As we sat down to eat the brownies we discovered the first Christmas film of the year on TV and enjoyed some early festive feelings and excitement. When Christmas is separated from consumerism and shopping, it doesn’t feel too early to start looking forward to it in mid-Autumn and watching a nice cheery family film felt just right for this Saturday afternoon!

The wintery scenes inspired Lucy to start again on two unfinished knitting projects. These should be finished by the end of the month:

Current knitting projects

Current knitting projects

On the left is a pair of fingerless gloves, and on the right a sparkly scarf. The knitting continued through Strictly Come Dancing, and then started up again today after our big breakfast this morning as the sun streamed in through the windows.

This afternoon we had a long walk through the fields and lanes, with lots of gulls flying overhead, ending in a beautiful sunset. We returned home hungry, happy and tired, especially Brian who had already had one long walk today…after waking up at 3.45am too excited about the changes in our lives to carry on sleeping!

Sunset in the fields

Sunset in the fields

We’ve both had colds this week and felt under the weather at times this weekend, but brownies, books, knitting, a Christmas movie, Saturday night family TV, a big breakfast and a big sunset together make a very good medicine!

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