Two Exciting Weeks: taking things to the next level


We haven’t blogged for a little while, but it’s not because we haven’t been doing anything relevant to the theme of our blog – quite the opposite. We’ve been going through a big decision making process that has taken our lives to the next level.

On 3rd September Brian handed in his notice at work. We’re going to be living the super-simple life we’ve thought about for years and read about on so many other blogs and channels. With one of us doing paid employment and the other doing cost-reduction by being more self sufficient, we will be living a much more balanced life and both have so much more time for the things we love.

It’s been a scary process too, but we’ve been noticing simple, abundant things all around us, giving us confidence and excitement about taking things to the next level. Life already feels more real, vibrant, necessary and rich.

Here are some of the things we’ll be doing and blogging about:

Reducing our food costs by cooking more resourcefully and growing more food
We looked back at what we’ve been buying over recent months, and had to admit that a lot of it was unnecessary, bought because of being tired or stressed. We’re already shopping and cooking very differently, having ‘no spend days’ often, yet still having plenty of food to eat. We’ve also had some of our best ever dinners, because we’ve been more creative and resourceful.

Brian's amazing leftovers bake

Brian’s amazing leftovers bake

In the future we’ll grow more of our own food too, but as a lovely surprise this autumn we noticed that one of last year’s runner beans had overwintered (as they are perennials) and is providing us with bonus beans!

Bonus beans!

Bonus beans!

Providing more of our own services
With two of us at work, the idea of there being the time or, especially, energy to tackle any significant home/vehicle maintenance, garden development and making our own gifts or products was not realistic. Some people might be able to do all this, but not us. Now, we can look forward to seeing just how creative we can be, while taking our time, doing things in the right season or weather conditions, and actually enjoying it.

Finding a mindful way
By working as a team, we can reduce both our levels of stress, getting away from endless ‘to-do’ lists going round our heads, and instead slowing down, sharing things out and creating a clear space for both of us to be mindful in what we do. At this time of year, how often we’ve failed to notice the wonderful quality of light, or the chill on a sunny day that means autumn. These things matter more than earning more money to spend beyond what we actually need.


Being healthier in every way
Everything we’re planning has a bonus health benefit, whether physical, mental or both. Brian will be cycling to the shops, the food we make will be healthier, engaging with real physical things like the garden soil and the firewood also has a positive impact. We won’t feel the need to rush through everything with tension in our bodies.

Reducing our impact and only taking our fair share
We’re excited about a life which moves even further away from excess and waste. Things which have never meant much to us – clothes, gadgets, etc – feel increasingly irrelevant. When we do need to buy something, we’ll know it is purely a matter of meeting our needs and not being consumers.

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on our blog. Knowing we are not on our own with our thoughts and plans is such an amazing thing, and we’re looking forward to writing about the changes to come.

5 thoughts on “Two Exciting Weeks: taking things to the next level

  1. Well done and good luck to you both. This is what we decided on way back in 1980 after our eldest was born. I said I could save more by being at home than I could earn out of the home. We managed it with 3 children, 6 house moves until we got to this smallholding. Now we are at the other end of that “journey” ( hate that word used like this!), about to sell the smallholding and downsize but we will still be living simply and being as self-sufficient as possible.

    • Thank you! We really appreciate it, and can tell that you have become real experts over the years! Both of us have been heading in the right direction, and it feels like the most natural way for us to live now. We don’t have a smallholding but are lucky with our good-sized garden and have plans for more vegetables! Looking forward to reading more of your blog 🙂

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