Simple Living Review, Money Month 5 (Year 2)

We've spent hours this year watching bees

We’ve spent hours this year watching bees

This was our most expensive month so far this financial year, but we’re pleased to say that none of it was regrettable and most of it was necessary.

As we were on our holidays we spent quite a lot more than usual on food because of having more treats. We also bought a few higher value items that we had a genuine need for, paid our quarterly web/phone bill and had an unexpected need for an electrician. Our total percentage saved was 24% which we’re very proud of in what felt like a costly month.

What did we buy
Aside from food, drink, transport and consumables, we spent money on:
– Hairclips
– Pair of shoes
– Cycle helmet
– Electrician’s visit
– Wool
– Wire, springs and lightbulb from DIY store
– Handheld weights
– A top for work
– Re-useable shopping bag
– Night Sky identification chart
–  Underpants

Success of the month
Brian got out on his bike this month after a long break, and is finding ways to adjust the bike and ride it which reduce the joint pain and discomfort that it can cause and which has put him off cycling for leisure in recent years. The purchase of the cycle helmet will help too.

We also saw the Perseid meteor shower and worked out how to find the Andromeda galaxy in the night sky, giving us some amazing dark summer hours outside with the milky way overhead, feeling very much out in the universe.

Summer may be ending, but some birds are on new nests!

Summer may be ending, but some birds are on new nests!

As the summer winds down we are enjoying feeling the change in the air and the sense that Autumn is on it’s way. Seasons always overlap rather than have a clear start and end, and we really enjoy these in-between times. We’ll be keeping an eye on these late nesting doves above our worm compost bin, after spotting a beady eye watching us a few days ago.

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