Simple Living Review, Money Month 4 (Year 2)

Our living room view: like being in a little hut on a meadow!

Our living room view: like being in a little hut on a meadow!

We thought we would have quite an expensive month this time. We had a big bill to pay, and did some bulk buying of eco toothbrushes and laundry liquid; Lucy also replaced her pillow and got a new bus season ticket for non-cycling days. Some things we thought we would buy didn’t get bought though: our tyres were checked and didn’t need replacing yet, and we haven’t replaced some of the clothing that we will have to at some point. So we actually have ended up saving 32% of our income, which is pretty standard for us!

What did we buy
Aside from food, drink, transport and consumables, we spent money on:
– Hairclip
– Open garden and nature reserve entry tickets
– Library reservations & borrowing CDs/DVDs
– Ping pong balls
– Multipack bamboo toothbrushes
– Memory foam pillow
– Long-handled dustpan and brush
– Night scented stock seeds
– Two summer scarves for sun protection
– A top for work
– Birthday gifts

Success of the month
Lucy has now honed her skills at spending nothing while on her annual work away daytrip. This involves 4 train journeys and the tempting combination of rail station shopping outlets plus tiredness. This used to result in purchase of rubbish magazines, bottled drinks and bad snacks. But for the last two years both trip days have been no spend days! Taking a hefty lunchbox of provisions is the key. (And looking forward to coming home to a chilled gin and tonic and a chocolate soufflé helps a lot!)

Kale and nectar garden

Kale and nectar garden

Cooking at home has been wonderful this month with our kale supply right outside the front door. We also made a quick jam out of the garden gooseberries which was amazing on top of vanilla ice cream. When we sit eating at our table we can see all the  colours of our nectar bed too. We’ve been quite good on food and drink spending although you can tell the summer has arrived: ice creams, fish and chips, gin and tonic and pink lemonade are all listed this time!

School’s out and we begin our summer staycation in less than a week, so we’re expecting our coming money month to be focussed very much on leisure and fun, we never do anything particularly expensive but we do like cheap and cheerful treats and it’s just the right time of year to be enjoying them!

8 thoughts on “Simple Living Review, Money Month 4 (Year 2)

  1. Your kale looks spectacular and MMMMM gooseberries on top of vanilla ice cream?! Count me in! It is so amazing that your journey is going so well. Keep it up! You’ve got lots of cheerleaders behind you!

    • Thank you! We enjoy our little pleasures so much and it’s amazing to know that others enjoy reading about it! We’re very touched by your comment and enjoying your blog 🙂

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