Simple Living Review, Money Month 3 (Year 2)

Can't wait to eat that kale!

Can’t wait to eat that kale!

It’s the 21st, which means it’s the end of another money month and time to look back and review how we’re doing. We’re now 15 months in to deliberately simplifying our lives, and it really is becoming easier and easier to want and spend less. Our lives are increasingly being lived in a different way, where time is our main currency – and we’re also getting better at how we spend that!

This month actually felt very financially spendy. Lucy bought some jewellery, but it was with birthday money. We also had lots of other little costs, such as medication for hayfever season and the annual sunblock supply, which we thought would add up much more than they did. We have actually had one of our best months ever in terms of total money saved, and it equated to 35% of our income.

Here’s what we bought other than the usual food, drink and consumables:
– A pair of long handled shears
– Floor mats for the car
– Fixing bicycle wheel
– Jewellery with birthday money
– 3 visits to Open Gardens
– A set of second hand metal shelves for the garden
– A ceramic frying pan
– A nail brush
– Sunblock
– Father’s day trip

Time has been on our minds this month, and how to slow it down. Spring seems to flash by so fast. Lucy has found that part of her problem was having too many hobbies and things to do every day, and by spreading them out a bit more, each day feels more spacious and lingering. For example, it’s now yoga every other night instead of every night, giving time for more evening wanders in the garden together, reading, etc.

The best area of savings was our work-related food. The plastic containers bought last month have continued to be brilliant for Lucy, providing a full breakfast, lunch and snack every day. (And by reducing the hobbies, there’s more time to spend on making the food up the night before!).

Carrot, hummus and lentil chips every workday!

Carrot, hummus and lentil chips every workday!

It’s going to be a more expensive month next as we have a big bill to pay and clothes to replace among other things, but there’s always areas of the budget we can focus on reducing when other ones are high.

Our garden harvest will start being useable soon, this year we are focussing on kale, salad and tomatoes. It’s going to be a tasty summer!

Kale protected from pigeons

Kale protected from pigeons

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