30 Days Wild in June: Over half way!

We’re continuing to follow 30 Days Wild and seek out encounters with the natural world every day for June.

Of course, this should just be our way of life every day. We are part of the natural world, and one of the things which ‘simple living’ means to us is trying to edit our lives so that the impact we have is benign or beneficial to the rest of nature, rather than at odds with it. That means less plastic, chemicals and pollution wherever we can, and more beneficial actions such as wildlife gardening and using natural products and materials.

Still, it’s nice to dedicate a month to wildlife watching in this way and to make a conscious effort to share with each other – and with you on the blog – what our nature highlight was each day!

June 11: Brian saw a big cormorant in the river in the city centre, and Lucy spent a long time pollinating the tomatoes in the indoors lean-to with a little paintbrush, pretending to be a bee.

June 12: Starting to see some bigger moths on our evenings looking in the garden, but nothing we’ve yet been able to photograph or identify.

June 13: It rained most of the day, which was great news for our frogs and plants, and created this incredible natural droplet art on the leaf of a montbretia.

Rainwater droplet art

Rainwater droplet art

June 14: We visited some middle class suburban open gardens. There was very little for wildlife, which really motivated us to keep our own garden wild. However there was a pond in one garden which gave Lucy her first close-up look at a newt’s face – a beautiful little creature!

June 15: Brian saw two damselflies mating. On looking at this photo it took us quite a while to work out which body belonged to which damselfly!

Where does one end and the other begin?

Where does one end and the other begin?

June 16: Its now the time of year when the trees on part of the cycle path to Lucy’s work are dangling so low that you have to weave in and out of them or be hit in the face. Its actually quite a nice way to start the day, dancing with trees!

June 17: An evening in the garden listening to blackbirds singing their going to bed songs. If you listen long enough, it seems any blackbird’s song will contain a ridiculous noise to make you laugh. We heard one coughing and one sniggering.

June 18: A greenfinch and dunnock duet in our Christmas tree was what greeted us when we opened the door this morning.

June 19: Brian put these sweet peas in the bathroom. Stunning! The fragrance did become a little bit overpowering after a while…


June 20: Getting excited waiting for the night scented stock to release it’s evening fragrance and wondering how it works: right now it smells of absolutely nothing, but in a few hours  – WOW! We didn’t grow enough this year (two pots failed), next year it’s going to be a different story…one lesson from this year is to prioritise the plants which give us (and wildlife) the most pleasure.

P.S. The pollinating worked!

A teeny weeny baby tomato

A teeny weeny baby tomato

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