Listening to Trees


This weekend has been very relaxing and restorative. Like many, we were exhausted and paying the price for a week of spending too much time involved in the election: voting in it, watching it, and reading about it afterwards. This is not a political blog but it’s probably obvious that our approach to life wasn’t reflected particularly well!

So, we needed some positivity and peace, and we found it in the woods today when we went to look for bluebells and orchids. It was such a beautiful day, a perfect warm breeze carrying the smells of wild garlic and bluebells.

It felt wonderful to touch the textured barks of different trees and engage with something real and honest. Brian remembered that it was possible to listen to trees and hear their internal sounds – with a stethoscope, which we didn’t have! – but we tried it anyway, pressing our ears to the lovely cool trunks and listening carefully. And we did hear something – it sounded a bit like someone was inside the tree moving furniture, making muffled bumps and knocks with large silences in between. Is this the sound of the tree pumping all the water it takes up? Whatever it was, it was a very calming and soothing experience!

We also saw a big red deer, a holly blue and a green hairstreak butterfly. Being out in nature was exactly what we needed this weekend, and the fact we then came home and ate a big bowl of ice cream each didn’t hurt either!

Holly Blue butterfly on a Bluebell

Holly Blue butterfly on a Bluebell

Wild Garlic - it's edible and smells amazing

Wild Garlic – it’s edible and smells amazing

Bluebells and Orchids

Bluebells and Orchids


6 thoughts on “Listening to Trees

  1. Lovely words and images. I also need to separate myself from all the election noise. There is a lot of frustration and anger swirling about at the moment in others and myself which is not good. A refocus on what matters will be restorative – this week I am going to take some time to go for walks, garden, read, write and paint. x

    • Thank you! We’ve been enjoying your blog this evening. It definitely seems that the best way forward through life is to keep doing what we do, and see that it does make a difference each time – all the little things do add up. Hard to keep that in mind sometimes!

  2. How beautiful! I loved this post!! I, too, love to feel the bark of trees. They’re like fingerprints or a mother’s stretch marks: unique, telling their own personal stories! I like to run my son’s fingers on tree trunks too. They send electric jolts of life through us, don’t they? Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love your blog!! Keep writing!!

    • Thank you! We love your ideas for daily kindness and ways to move further along the minimalist journey. We often remind ourselves that there’s always SOMETHING we can be doing to live more simply and gently. And getting closer to nature is one of the best!

      • You’re so sweet! I’m happy we have this enriching, supportive community that encourages us to be the best versions of ourselves!! Can’t wait to read more of what you write!!

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