A simple Sunday picnic and walk

picnic crop

Today we treated ourselves to one of our favourite simple days out: making a cake, and taking it to a nearby nature site to eat after a walk.

After filling the house with the scent of lemon drizzle cake baking, we cut it in half, made a flask of hot water and packed up mugs, teabags and milk. We went a few miles down the road to a nearby village which has a woodland and meadow walk, where we heard all kinds of birds in full song for Spring including a blackcap which we spotted in the hedgerow.

The village also has a beautiful churchyard which is looked after for wildlife and is full of wild flowers. Importantly, it also has excellent benches for picnics where we could rest, savour our tea and cake and admire the view.




There were lots of wild flowers not yet open, and so that is a good excuse to come back again soon – with more cake of course…

4 thoughts on “A simple Sunday picnic and walk

  1. Enjoyed your post. Wonderful idea! Who needs Starbucks?!
    A nearby university has a lovely campus, super quiet in summer, and my daughter and I like to walk over there with a picnic lunch, cards, and books. Something so simple seems like an act of rebellion in the USA.

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