Year 2, Money Month 1…the month in review


An unexpected flower pops up by the corner of the woodshed

We were excited to start the second year of our mindful spending adventure on 22 March. Having paid off a loan last year, now our goal is simply to spend as mindfully as we can, because all of our consumption has an impact on the planet, and our own peace of mind.

Month 1 of year 2 was an average month for us, which is good! We saved 34% of our income.

What did we buy:
Aside from food & drink, transport, gifts and everyday consumables, we bought: a second hand yoga book, sweet pea seeds, hairclips, music mp3s, shoelaces, t-shirts, hair conditioner, and a hemp rucksack!

Highlights of the month:
– The hemp rucksack was a worthwhile expense as it is very small and light and is encouraging Lucy not to carry such a lot of stuff around. A rucksack is also much better for your back compared to a shoulder bag
– Watching ‘Tiny House Nation’ on More4 has given us a weekly boost of simple living inspiration
– We spent a lot on food this month, even though we were also treated by our family! But if we’re going to spend, food is a good area to spend on, as most of it is healthy and good quality.
– Brian has pollarded several of the tallest garden trees, which is a sustainable way of getting extra firewood as they will then be left to grow back for the next few years. We are making good progress on our home to-do list
– Lucy has knitted one fingerless glove and learned how to cast on in crochet
– We discovered we had two forks which neither of us ever use because we disliked the shape. So Brian spent Sunday afternoon filing them into a much nicer, curvier style – now we have two unique and bespoke forks!


The UK election build-up is also quite motivating in a weird way. Because it is all so frustratingly far away from what we would like to see, we are spending a lot of time together discussing our feelings about everything and articulating our desire for change!

There are no obvious purchases we need to make in the coming month, so we have a good chance of saving our highest percentage yet – and enjoying the challenge whatever the outcome.

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