Starting the Spring staycation with cake, tiny houses and wildlife

We are now on holiday for a week, and as usual with us our relaxation has started with some edible treats! Lucy made a Victoria sponge cake, and decided it should have an Easter theme:


It was also a good fridge-clearing exercise as the filling was made from all four almost-empty jars of jam which we had!



While eating the cake we also enjoyed one of our other favourite things: watching Tiny House tours on Youtube! This time we discovered the fantastic channel Living Big in a Tiny House – there are some incredibly inspiring and uplifting interviews and tours on there.


Having lots of free time ahead of us makes it easier to get on with all sorts of fun and/or productive things, without worrying that any of them will be the only things we can fit into the time we’ve got. In just two days we’ve done some leisurely breakfasting, cleaning, de-cluttering, sowing sweet peas and garlic chives, knitting, raking out the mini-meadow, cutting kindling, planning the garden, reading the papers, reading books, working on walking sticks and lots of silly laughing and resting.

Today was spent mostly in the garden, getting some sunshine and warmth on our skin, checking out the frogspawn in the ditch and improving things for wildlife. Raking the mini-meadow is something we do once a year to remove all the dead grass – just like a grazing animal would do. It feels brutal but it creates a seed bed for the more delicate wildflowers to come through. We’ve even had orchids before – all in a very small patch:


The raked mini-meadow – ready for growth

There is a lot more we want to do this week, but having the luxury of time means that it should all feel like leisure, especially as we are doing it all together.

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