Satisfyingly Simple


Our windowsill plant and mango farm


Simplifying our lives has many benefits, and the more we simplify, the more satisfying our lives feel. We are happier with simpler and simpler things.

The most satisfying things tend to be simple anyway. Some from this weekend have been:

– Making a mother’s day card: requires paper, glue, scissors, pens and a magazine to cut pictures out of
– Ripening mangoes on our sunny windowsill amongst the seedlings and seeing if any of them are ready yet
– Baking an apple crumble: requires one pan, one dish and 5 ingredients
– Making chocolate-covered fruit: requires fruit, and chocolate! (And boiling water to melt the chocolate)
– Lighting the fire – something we do every day for half the year but always enjoy

– Picking one of our first violets from the garden, savouring its fragrance and looking at it through a hand lens
– Looking at the changing shapes of clouds in the sky. Requires: vision (something to be very grateful for)
– Cuddles. The ultimate in simple satisfaction!

There are very few satisfying things which are hard to describe, or which require long lists of equipment or particular circumstances for you to undertake them. The simplest things are always the most satisfying!


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