Wormery Day

by Lucy

Today it was time for the annual job of digging out all the lovely compost at the bottom of the wormery.

Here’s what was behind the door:


I half filled 3 compost bags before I started reaching the layer where things weren’t rotted down fully. This can go on all our growing beds before we plant out, and then later on we can add some more to give things a boost.

Like last year there were a few items that had found their way into the wrong bin: this time it was an asthma inhaler, a toothpaste tube and two wrappers from hemp seed bars. The bar wrappers were a useful indicator of the age of the compost, as we haven’t bought those type of bars since last Spring!

Digging out the wormery is not actually a very smelly or mucky job, UNTIL you get to the layer where things have only half-decomposed.

Today will be remembered for the fact I encountered the STINKIEST THING I HAVE EVER SMELLED IN MY LIFE. I don’t even know what it was: it was white and gloopy, and resembled the faecal sacs which parent birds take out of their nests. My best guess is that it was some semi-rotted garlic. I flung it as far away as I could but the stench stayed in the air for quite some time.

This was a lovely satisfying job to do on a Saturday afternoon though, and as well as gaining us 3 free bags of ‘black gold’, the added pleasure is watching the birds which come in to see what they can scavenge afterwards. It doesn’t take them long!


3 thoughts on “Wormery Day

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  2. Fabulous looking compost. Ours hasn’t rotted properly and we are not sure why. What kind of bin do you use? Ours are made from old pallets and we thought were the best thing to do but it seems not.
    All the best to you both đŸ™‚

    • Hello, thanks for your comment! The wormery is a plastic bin designed to be used for worms with the lid closed, although the bottom sits open on the soil (so we have some wire under it to keep out rats). The worms are kept inside and the temperature/humidity stay constant. It makes a very different sort of compost to our open compost pile. We would only put food waste in the wormery, not on the open compost pile which has all the garden clippings and grass cuttings etc. From the open pile, the resulting compost is equally good, but we have to uncover the good stuff each year at the bottom, remove it, and put all the partially rotted / composted stuff back. The wormery is a quicker process, so you may just need to leave your compost a bit longer, and it helps to have a mixture of types of waste. Hope that helps!

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