It isn’t Pancake Day today..


We thought it was though!

Pancake Day is next Tuesday, but we were already excited about doing it tonight when we found this out, so we went ahead and had our goodies this evening.

Our pancakes are 2/3 buckwheat and 1/3 self raising flour, so they feel relatively wholesome, and it’s always a treat to be able to make a meal that is so quick, simple and you can put anything you like on it.

Our savoury ones tonight included cheesy mushroom and bacon with maple syrup, and the sweet ones involved blackcurrant jam, banana, sugar, lemon, lime, maple syrup and malt extract (not all on the same pancake though).


Our early Pancake Day means we might have another one next week, but it doesn’t matter what the calendar says – if you find pleasure in something, do it on whatever day you choose.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we always find ourselves getting frustrated with being sold the idea of special occasions. Every day is full of special occasions!

Now it’s time for another special occasion – the washing up….

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