Things That Are Worth Owning – Number 1: Toasting Fork

DSCF1500Last night we had an urge for an evening snack. The fire was giving out loads of heat, and so we took advantage of this by making some toast over the flames!

How amazing to be able to produce a hot snack, without using any electricity or appliances, that is ready within seconds and smells and tastes better than any toast you can do under the grill.


It’s like going camping, but within the warmth and comfort of your own living room.

This got us thinking about the best things we own: things which give the most use and enjoyment for what they cost.

Our toasting fork cost about £1.75 but is one of the most useful things we own. It’s been used indoors and outdoors, and not just for toast but also marshmallows and chestnuts:

2007 01 18 Chestnuts

If you have an open fire, or a place to make a fire in the garden, get yourself a toasting fork and enjoy some delicious home-made toasted snacks!

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