More of What Matters: Spending Review Month 10


Welcome to the end of our Money Month 10, which we’re celebrating because we’ve saved more this month than in any other. Having some time off over the Christmas & New Year period meant we enjoyed pottering about and not spending much money, plus the fact we had edible, watchable and wearable Christmas gifts to enjoy!

Here’s where our money went this month:

Food and drink: An average £14.09 per day, including some Christmas food and a New Years Day takeaway
A few fills of petrol
Coal: 4 bags
Toiletries: 1 deodorant, 2 soaps (we have reduced the range of things we use, and seem to now be buying hardly anything)
Domestic: 1 glass tumbler, 3 reindeer design plates (all in January sales), kitchen scale to replace one which Lucy dropped, laundry liquid, a lunchbox
Health / dental:
A few of the usual items
A winter coat, tights, socks
Luxuries: 1 song download
Gifts: A few Christmas bits and pieces

We’ve been settling into more simple and frugal habits and ideas over the winter, such as:

  • Taking packed lunches and snacks to work. There’s not been many days where either of us has bought something on the day
  • Eating lots of fruit and vegetables so we have less room for the more expensive stuff
  • Replacing bought pizzas with home-made toast pizza, as shown in the picture (with the day before’s veggie leftovers on the top). It’s toast topped with tomato puree, cheese, herbs and whatever else you fancy. We all prefer these, so that’s another convenience food eliminated…
  • Using a prepaid discount season ticket for bus journeys
  • Using up old toiletries and not automatically replacing them
  • Enjoying free hobbies, indoor and outdoor: looking at wildlife and the moon & sky with binoculars, going to the library, and knitting with yarn that was already in the house
  • Sticking to regular cycle maintenance routines, to reduce the chance of needing professional help to keep it in good working order

The coming month should see us having our roof fixed up, which is one of the things we’ve been saving for, and will be a weight off our minds to get done.

Happy winter!

09 13 Amazing sunset landscape

2 thoughts on “More of What Matters: Spending Review Month 10

  1. I love what you guys are doing.

    I’ve thought for a long time about simplifying my life, mostly so I don’t have to stick to stressful but high paying jobs I don’t really enjoy just so I can sustain a lifestyle I didn’t really mean to get into in the first place.

    Sadly I’m way too disorganized and I’ve relied for many years on being inefficient with money so I can continue to be disorganized… I’ll get my act together some day, I hope… and drag my family along with me!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! We came at it with the view that we had nothing to lose by trying to simplify and spend less. We certainly weren’t the most organised people with our spending, but decided to have a go and see what would happen if we tried to do things differently, and we were surprised how easy it was! Every step we take in simplifying our lives releases us from some sort of complication and stress, and that is a great feeling! And then there’s more time for the fun stuff, including yoga 🙂

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