Feeling lighter by casting off unwanted stuff…


..that is the aim of de-cluttering, which is something we’ve been missing since our big years of de-cluttering in 2012-13. We tried to write down everything we got rid of over many months, hoping to achieve the one item per day target of the 365 Less Things blog, and in the end we got rid of more than that.

It couldn’t go on forever, because at the same time we were reducing our spending habits and bringing less new items into the house, and so for the last couple of years we have not been able to find much to get rid of.

Over recent weeks, we caught up with lots of other blogs such as What I Shed Today, and Be More with Less, and reminded ourselves that it isn’t only material items which you can cast off for a simpler, lighter life. It can also be digital clutter such as not-very-good photos and music, and perhaps most importantly, it can be mental or lifestyle clutter – ideas, thoughts and burdens that weigh you down.

A look around the house also revealed that there are now some more materials items we can get rid of.

So: Its time for a new de-cluttering mission. In the last week we’ve got rid of some more books, clothes and shoes, and deleted lots of bad songs: Lucy is listening to our digital record collection A-Z doing quality control. We’re currently on C. Brian is trying to cast off his sugar cravings too. Every day we can ask ourselves: what can I cast off today?

These are not really new year’s resolutions, as the timing was coincidental. We are always trying to simplify our lives and are these are just our latest pledges.

Finally, a further thing was reduced this week: Lucy’s hair, during the first (and very successful) home haircut by Brian! Evidence below:


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