Christmas 2014: cocktail sticks, first aid, and family festivities


We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Here’s a little bit about ours.

On Christmas Eve, Lucy’s parents came round and we had some snacks. We kept it simple and didn’t try to make everything ourselves, but there were two homemade things. Brian and his son made some cocktail sticks out of poplar wood, which were perfect for sausages:


And for afters, we had cranberry slices – fantastic at any time of year but especially when the cranberries are available fresh. Click here for recipe.


Christmas Day: Well, you can of course plan your Christmas day – as most people do – but as all soap opera watchers know, it doesn’t always unfold to plan! Brian burnt his hand on the oven hob at breakfast time and spent an hour with it in water while we researched first aid online; and at the end of the day’s driving, Lucy did something with the accelerator which made a horrible and worrying noise and smell in the car (update: the car still works today!).

We couldn’t have been better looked after though, as we then had a fantastic family dinner and a warm and festive time with some very generous hosts, thank you to everyone (and thanks for the aloe vera gel which reduced the burn a lot!)

At the end of the day it was time for a fantastic single malt whisky (Penderyn: a small, independent Welsh distiller), lighting the fire, and some emotional Christmas specials on TV!


Today we’ve had as simple a day as possible: A lie-in, plenty of Christmas cake, and a long walk in the village where we saw four deer running through a field, and kept our extremities warm with sips of whisky from a flask!

It has been a Christmas full of warmth and care, and as we now look forward to the rest of our long break (which we’re very fortunate to have), we hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has felt as merry as us.



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