Our DIY Christmas tree 2014


Here is this year’s DIY Christmas tree, made from branches of one of the alders in our garden tied together with wire and packed into a plant pot. This works perfectly for us because, aside from being free and natural, it fits into our tiny living room and isn’t affected by being close to the fire.

The knobbly bits on the branches provide the perfect hooks for decorations.


Our lights belonged to Lucy’s grandparents in the 1980s so are truly vintage! They are much softer than modern lights and we will try to keep them going for another 30 years.


Our baubles and decorations have been collected over many years and we add one or two more each Christmas. The squirrel above was last year’s new addition.


The pot is disguised with tinsel for extra twinkle!

And because our angel is too heavy for the top of the tree we have a tiny glass fox – this year’s new decoration.


Making and decorating the tree took a wonderful afternoon with santa hats and festive music, we really took our time and enjoyed it, and now we have a very festive home!


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