Loving Winter Evenings

It may be getting dark long before we get home from work, but this year we’ve been making the most of winter evenings.

Our evenings usually begin by lighting the fire. Over the years the way we do this has changed and become more reliable and easy for us both to do. The various stages of the fire-lighting process are our journey into our evening: getting kindling, making the kindling base with bigger bits on top, lighting it, adding bigger wood and coal when the flames get fierce enough, waiting for a hot bed to set in, and then keeping it going frugally.

Then it’s nice to have some treats and telly in the warmth by the fire. This is Brian enjoying one of his favourite combinations: a coffee, some treats, and watching the latest team on the quiz Eggheads say their names and ages. This is entertaining because the studio lighting (we assume) often makes them look a lot older than they are, which can be very satisfying!

Guessing the age of the contestants on Eggheads

Guessing the age of the contestants on Eggheads

It’s easy to feel like you have to eat stodgy, heavy meals in the winter, but we’re trying to avoid this and make more use of our wok and vegetable-based light dinners. When a bigger meal is what we fancy, we go for one where there will definitely be enough for two nights, such as spaghetti Bolognese – this is our vegetarian version with mushrooms and carrots, and whole-wheat spaghetti, so even this isn’t too heavy.

11 14 Spag bol night

Other things we enjoy like reading blogs and watching online videos, yoga, and just having a good conversation together are all extra cosy on winter evenings. And it’s definitely the best time of year for savouring the moment of getting into a lovely comfy bed!

Commuting in the dark is harder to love. For Lucy travelling by bicycle when the weather allows, safety and fun is increased massively by investing in some awesome lights. These fit on the wheel spokes and flash multi-coloured patterns as you go, and make you feel like you’re riding a Christmas tree on wheels!

11 22 New wheel lights

It’s been mild this year so far and we haven’t had to deal with bitter cold, ice or snow. But, if we set out every day with the intention to love the season, whatever its weather and challenges, we can enjoy every winter day. Like this, in 2013:

Our longest icicle competition on the living room window!

Our longest icicle competition on the living room window!


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