More of What Matters spending review, month 8

The making of Christmas cake #2

The making of Christmas cake #2

Today marks the end of month 8, and it’s been the most expensive month so far. We have done more shopping than during the rest of the year, but every item was justifiable. It was a high-spending month on food and drink, because we had a week off (which we tend to celebrate in an edible way) and we bought the ingredients for two Christmas cakes. We’ve also had a couple of take-aways and treats out, which we’ve thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

The little things add up too: this month required extra coal, new hoover bags, a watch battery and a dentist check-up. We also paid our quarterly phone & internet bill and annual bicycle insurance, and had a few sick days deducted, and all of this together has made it our lowest-saving month yet – but all for good reasons and we’ve still saved 30% of our income.

Here’s the full round-up of our spending:

Transport: 2 fills of petrol, some bus trips, cycle insurance renewal, and bicycle wheel lights for extra visibility
Domestic: Hoover bags, watch battery, tin foil, loo rolls, washing up liquid, 4 bags of coal
Health: Dentist appointment, and general supplies
Toiletries: moisturiser, haircare, deodorant, soaps
Clothing: 2 merino tops on special offer, t-shirts, tights and pants!
Gifts: We bought our first few Christmas gifts

In terms of additional stuff or clutter brought into the house, it would be no change this month, because we have de-cluttered about the same amount as we have acquired, including: CDs and discs of photos (carefully broken), a big water filter jug, tights with un-mendable holes in, craft materials (dried up glue sticks, scraps of fabric etc), and books.


Now we go into month 9, a month when in the past we would assume we could not put a single penny into savings, because it’s Christmas. We get tempted to overspend on food, trimmings, and sparkly things at this time of year. But we’ve learned a lot since starting this blog, and there’s no need to have excess or waste in order to enjoy the season.

There’s going to be more stopping – to listen to one another, to be creative, to relax, to enjoy festive music, appreciate decorations, feel the warmth of fires and fruit punch, savour delicious food – and less shopping!


2 thoughts on “More of What Matters spending review, month 8

  1. hi Brian and Lucy. have enjoyed reading some of your blog(s) but unfortunately I cannot get your photos up! I would love to see your tree with decoratons but……… Oh dear. Have a great Christmas. jane x

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