Knitting projects so far

By Lucy

I learned to knit when I was about 7 years old and got very excited about it. My total output was two crazy striped scarves, one very wide and one very long! Then I stopped and forgot how to do it.

In 2011, when we first started to focus our lives in on simplifying and slowing down, I started to daydream about being able to knit again, and my aunt and uncle got me started with a gift of a beginner’s chunky scarf kit. Since then I’ve made quite a few things, although I’m still very much a beginner.


Here are my first two projects. At the top is the scarf I made with the chunky scarf kit. I added some silver thread to the white sections to make it sparkly. This has been my cycling scarf for the last 3 years and now looks a bit worse for wear!

Underneath is my second scarf, where I learned to purl. This was a scarf for Brian, and is made with cotton yarn. However, the finished scarf ended up being as long as Brian is tall (6ft), too wide, and too heavy to wear! Its so big though that it can be used for other things such as wrapping round yourself to keep warm on the sofa.


Then I moved onto hats. Top left is my cycling hat with ear flaps, I learned circular knitting and moss stitch to make this. This is a perfect under-helmet hat for keeping ears out of the wind, and the pattern is in the Stitch and Bitch book. Next to it is a ribbed hat I made for at work, which I was very impressed with, but the yarn changed colour mid-way though.

Next came another scarf, a ribbed cashmerino yarn scarf with pompoms which is my favourite thing I have made so far. You can’t not be cheerful with pompoms!

My last completed project is the pair of strange woolly boots on the bottom right, which used up all my leftover yarn, and are incredibly warm even if they do look daft. They have quite good grip and I have worm them to do yoga on cold nights!

So, that’s where I’m up to. Nothing too difficult – no blocking, or intarsia, or things that need to fit properly like jumpers, socks or gloves! I may attempt something more challenging in the future. At the moment I’ve got two projects still on needles, both scarves, which I’ll be finishing off and sharing on here soon!

I’ve found knitting a really restful and mindful hobby. I don’t get much done per session though, as I also find it very soporific and start nodding off before I get very far! But slow is good.

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