Simply a week off!

We managed to spread out our holiday this year so we could take a week in the autumn, rather than working right through from August to Christmas as we have always done before. Taking a holiday at this time of year has given us a chance to really appreciate the autumn colours and take our time doing some of the jobs which need doing.

Brian’s son was with us for the first half of the week, and we didn’t put ourselves under pressure to do or achieve anything expect relax and be together! The priority was doing whatever we wanted. We quickly both came down with colds that had been lingering around for a while, which is annoying but does help make us look after ourselves. We enjoyed: going to the library, baking, having friends round for soup and cake, playing card games, reading an interesting novel twice (Lucy), making a wooden spoon and watching a sparrowhawk catch and eat a dove (Brian), working on a you-tube channel and juggling with apples (Brian’s son), organising firewood, napping, and indulging in some proper family TV like Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor, and the Wizard of Oz (and dancing around to the music).

For the second half of the week, we’ve carried on at our slow and restorative pace.

We went for a walk and enjoyed the autumn colours, and collected some fantastic pine cones which we can use to make a Christmas display.

We love autumn colours

We love autumn colours

We did some slow shopping for groceries, enjoying it rather than rushing through it. We grooved around to our latest seasonal mix CD in the car on the way! The shopping included some special treats:

Treats. Brian is stirring his coffee with the wooden spoon he made this week.

Treats. Brian is stirring his coffee with the wooden spoon he made this week.

This time of year is also chimney sweeping time. For the last 10 years we’ve tried to do this on a Sunday, or even by taking a day off especially, which has made us feel rushed and stressed because it takes up a lot of time and energy. We did this year’s sweep today, and doing it during a holiday week was so much more enjoyable as we could take our time. Seeing the brush appear is always a nice moment!

The brush appearing at a jaunty angle

The brush appearing at a jaunty angle

Giving the room a deep clean afterwards is also a great motivator to do some de-cluttering. There wasn’t anything to de-clutter in the living room but we ended up removing all the nick-nacks from the shelf above the kitchen window and throwing most of them away! The little glass bottles that which were up there will make an interesting display somewhere we can appreciate them more easily.

Now we still have a weekend to get fully over our colds and enjoy more of what autumn life has to offer.

2 thoughts on “Simply a week off!

    • Hello! Yes, its an OTA for our freeview TV. We haven’t got any channels we pay for. The spoon is one of two which Brian has made, and he’ll be doing a blog post about them soon – the wood they are made from is Populus nigra hybrid (Black Poplar hybrid – not the poplar of USA). Thanks for reading!

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