Every Day Matters…and the ‘everyday’ matters!

We don’t get that many days in life, and they all matter.

For lots of people, making every day count means having a ‘seize the day’ approach and doing lots of activities, looking for exciting new things to try and experiences to have. For us, we prefer a quiet simple life, and the way we make every day matter is in making ‘the everyday’ matter.

Some of the ways we do this are:

Being mindful: By not having too much going on at once, we try to be mindful and present with what we’re doing so we can experience it fully. This can be anything from fully tasting the food we’re eating, to being conscious of the quality of light or the breeze outside, or just paying attention to whatever is happening. We’re far from perfect, but the point is to make this a conscious intention in life.

Nature watching: Wildlife is always living in the present. They just do what they do, all the time, not being in a bad mood because of something that happened earlier, or worrying about what might happen tomorrow. Watching and listening to them can help us feel free too! (And to take better care of their habitats)

Photo of the day: Since April 2006 we’ve taken a photo every day which we add the date to and save in a folder. They range from family photos, to landscape scenes, to the mundane details of every day life such as a doorknob, someone else’s cat, a packet of biscuits or a shoe! They’re very personal, and ensure each day is ‘captured’ at some point.

Song of the day: Since Lucy was 15 she has noted the ‘song of the day’ each day in her diary as a way of remembering what piece of music was most connected to the day just gone – the day’s soundtrack.

Here’s how every day mattered this week with some musical and photo highlights:

 Monday: Lucy went on her Aldi mission and Brian went to the woods and saw that all the leaves had fallen. The song of the day was Revolution Earth by the B-52s.

Tuesday: Lucy resisted some very tempting stationery in a gift shop (usually we stay out of these sorts of shops, but Lucy was in there on a work errand.) It was a beautiful evening to cycle home:


Wednesday: Lucy caught the bus to work, which doesn’t happen often so it felt like a luxury. Brian’s son had made a fruit salad at school which was delicious with a flapjack while watching the Great British Bake Off final.

Thursday: There was a massive rainstorm, which was amazing to see from the comfort of a dry office!

Friday: We watched a rented DVD of the movie ‘Gravity’ and felt very grateful to not be astronauts

Saturday: We got the ladder out and picked all the cooking apples for storage. The last bit of our summer jam was used and appreciated. We also found a strange creature… (more on that another time).

10 11 Apple day

Sunday: A quiet Sunday of unstructured time with zero guilt at enjoying sitting down with food, telly and reading emails during the day. We were productive too, by mowing the lawn and putting the winter duvets on.

None of our favourite moments of the week were particularly expensive or time consuming. For us the most important thing is to feel fully alive doing everything we do, and not ever put life or our enjoyment of it on hold. The best time to look for enjoyment is always Now!

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