A Monday Mission

By Lucy

Yesterday I went on a mission – to walk to the Aldi which is just over a mile away from the office and back, within my lunch hour. Bing Maps said it would take 24 minutes each way, but I was sure I could beat this and have enough time for shopping AND eating my sandwiches.

I had my sandwiches at my desk and left the building at 1.12pm, put on some motivating music and enjoyed the walk through residential streets. I took 18 minutes to walk there, as I arrived at exactly 1.30. In my head it had seemed like such a long way,  but in actual fact I could see the store much earlier than I expected to!

I didn’t even need to whizz round the shelves that speedily, as I had time to get everything we wanted, which came to a total spend of £5.80 and included organic eggs and broccoli. I did have a bar of chocolate as a reward for myself but that was unnecessary really!

It took me more like the predicted 24 minutes to walk back because the bags were heavy, but I was back in the office at exactly 2pm. Result!

On sunnier days, there are benches where I could eat my sandwiches half way.

The main reason for the Aldi mission was that Brian has been doing nearly all the bulky food shopping for ages, in the car and with a bad back, and so this was an attempt to make things fairer. But, like all good life changes, it has many more benefits on top of the initial ones.

They are:

  • Fewer car journeys
  • More sensible share of tasks
  • Ensures I have a proper lunch break
  • Easier access to cheap, good quality food!
  • Fresh air and a bracing walk, being grateful that I can get around this way
  • A chance to listen to music
  • Osteoporosis prevention! A long walk, and carrying heavy-ish items on the way back, should give my bones a regular strengthening which they don’t get from cycling

I’ll be doing this once or twice a week if I can and definitely looking forward to it, as it’s a fantastic addition to our simpler living habits.


2 thoughts on “A Monday Mission

  1. Hi Lucy this sounds a brilliant idea. I always loved going for a stride out at lunchtimes particularly with such a useful purpose in mind. ☺ Also when I shop little and often rather than just one weekly shop I waste far less food. Loving your blog it is inspirational!

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