A simple weekend

After a couple of weeks which have felt a little stressful, not helped by both of us having colds, the weekend has felt like we are back into our simple and more natural way of being.

We’ve certainly got a lot done, but have gone about things in a more flowing and patient way rather than meeting tasks with stress, when they didn’t have to be stressful.

Yesterday we worked together to replace a gear cable on Lucy’s bike. Despite how infuriatingly difficult modern bikes are to work on, and the fact we lost a tiny but essential screw in the grass, it felt like a good experience because we learned a lot and enjoyed being together (and we raided a replacement screw from a calculator).

Today was a birthday lunch for Lucy’s dad, one of our first restaurant meals for a while, and it was worth the wait. The food was incredible and we both had a beer, and pudding. We could fully appreciate everything: not just the food, also the importance of family occasions, the warm day, the walk to the pub, and how much comfort there is in our lives generally.

Another reason the weekend felt better was being back in the garden. Since going back to work after our staycations, and it getting darker earlier, the amount of time we’ve spent pottering in the garden has shortened, and we seem to feel less like ourselves when that happens.  But every season should be an outdoor season, and we’ve been enjoying the falling leaves, glimpses of the nut-raiding squirrel, tidying up the plants whose season has ended, and listening to starlings roosting in a neighbour’s tree.

Brian also added a further crafty embellishment to the woodshed by making wire ‘nets’ to hang up two glass balls which have been hidden away for 10 years!

Life is best when it’s a series of peaceful projects.



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