More of What Matters Spending Review – Month 6


Amazingly, it’s been 6 months since we started our blog and our minimal spending adventure.

Everything about it has been inspiring: the fact people read the blog and leave comments for us, the motivation we get from recording things on the blog, and the real savings we have been able to make each month.

We now take a much bigger pause for thought before we buy anything.  We look around us more actively, looking for things we can change and improve. It’s something you have to practice constantly. Even today, Lucy almost threw away a t-shirt with a hole in it. But wait! It could be fixed, made into something else, or at the very least used as a rag!

So, we’re certainly not perfect. This month, like every month, we both bought a few things we regretted, but they were mostly food purchases and they were gone quickly! The other regretted purchase was some throat sweets, bought by Lucy in a panic about the possibility of losing her voice on a busy day at work. They were £2, came in so much packaging, and probably no more effective than some fruit juice.

There was some bigger spending this month than we’ve had recently. We bought some clothes and accessories, but the biggest spending was getting our MOT done for the year, and starting to get materials for fixing up our roof.

However, we still saved 34% of our income, which is above average.

Here’s what we spent on, other than food and drink:
Travel: 2 fills of petrol, one bus ride, and the car’s annual tax and MOT
Domestic: Greaseproof paper, washing up liquid
Home: We started to spend money on our roof this month
Luxuries: Suncoat natural nail varnish (it doesn’t smell at all and the kids’ version peels off) some mp3s by Bon Iver and CDs from the library
Clothes & accessories: a fair-trade beaded necklace, a pair of tights, some hairbands, and some t-shirts from Rapanui
Gifts: A couple of small items and postage
Health: Dental items, and the usual regular purchases
Toiletries: Conditioner, deodorant, soap

Energy Use
We used 335 KwH of electricity. More than last month, because we used some heating during the cold spell and have been doing more baking.

Over the next few months, a new spending category will be appearing: Christmas! We both love Christmas and try really hard to get it right, but always end up doing a last minute panic-buy of unnecessary extra gifts and other bits and bobs. Our first year of blogging our Christmas spending should help us a lot!

But, it’s too early to be thinking about that just yet. It’s still like summer a lot of the time, but with really foggy, dewy mornings, that show up all the incredible spiderwebs everywhere. With so much amazing free stuff to look at, who needs shopping!



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