Simplifying my hair: greyer, greener and curlier!

By Lucy

I’m going round the house, tackling each area one by one to see if I can make it simpler, greener and cheaper. I’ve started in the bathroom and already shared my changes for bathing by using natural oat baths.

Next thing to tackle in the bathroom is haircare. I’ve made lots of changes here!

I decided to stop dyeing my greying hair in January 2013 – a decision I made while I actually had my last batch of hair dye on my head and was suddenly aware of how much I didn’t want to be dyeing it.  I was using one of the most natural permanent hair dyes you can get, but even so, it did contain chemicals. Also, I realised I was doing it to fit in, rather than because I wanted to. I felt worse with it dyed rather than better!

Now my hair has grown out the dye, and I will be leaving it to change over time, trusting that it will always suit me because it is my natural hair. I’ve been looking out for grey ladies to inspire me, including Natalie Merchant and Brigit Strawbridge.

Recently I was also looking up natural hair care, thinking I could try making some of my own products – but what I accidentally found were sites about curly hair explaining that people with hair like mine should try not using shampoo, and just washing with conditioner (‘co-washing’). I’ve been trying this for a week, and my hair is curlier already!

Previously I was shampooing every day, which is the worst thing I could do. I already use a chemical-free conditioner, so I’ll just be using that from now on. I’m also drying with a microfibre cloth instead of a towel. You can find out more here. If you don’t have curly hair you can still cut out shampoo – read here.

I didn’t have any styling products so there’s nothing to declutter or change in that regard. There’s no point doing hairstyles when I put a cycle helmet on most days.  I am just very excited about having curlier hair!

So, what have I saved by making these changes:
– Less chemicals down the drain
– Less packaging because of buying less products
– Less wasted time worrying about my roots and all the palaver of home hair dyeing
– Less water used
– Less money spent
– My hands are much softer and the eczema on the back of my neck is gone! Shampoo is really harsh stuff, even a natural one like I was using.

The next stage is to have my hair cut for free by Brian!

This post may be about me, but really it’s Brian who’s making the greater contribution to low impact hair. He hasn’t washed his since 2007. It looks after itself perfectly.

6 thoughts on “Simplifying my hair: greyer, greener and curlier!

  1. I too am going around the house looking for cost effective, natural solutions. I have taken the No Shampoo Challenge and loving it.
    I haven’t taken the next step of not dyeing my hair yet but have seen some Henna products that I will try in the future.
    You may want to try putting Coconut Oil on your hair instead Conditioner. My hubby is trialling this at the moment and he seems to like it. If you do, let us all know your experience.

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