Happy habitats


A holly blue butterfly at the end of a long, hard-working summer!

We’ve spent the last few days at home, with occasional trips out to get fresh bread and go to the library. We’ve been enjoying our home – our habitat – and watching the other creatures who share it with us. As they go around their habitat quietly living their lives, we have been doing the same: pottering around, stacking some wood, fixing a few things, pulling out dead plants, hanging up our laundry, reading and playing card games, watching wildlife and taking a few photos.

The ivy flowers come out at this time of year, they smell amazing and are packed with pollinators: flies, wasps, bees with thighs covered in pollen, and loads of different hoverflies. Hoverflies are beautiful – we spotted one with a transparent segment of it’s body, and one with a yellow face and red eyes.

At the bottom of the ivy patch, a lovely big lady frog sat waiting in the woody pile for something she could catch. There were frogs of many other sizes creeping around as well. The woody pile is any bits of log or bark not suitable for our fire, and provides a fantastic hiding place for wildlife.

Watch out flies!

Watch out flies!

The baby wrens are out and about in the trees and bushes, and we were visited by a hunting dragonfly.

It got hot today so we sat on chairs in the woodshed and relaxed amongst the stacks, sticks and bags. Our woodshed is a home-made, rustic patchwork of reclaimed bits and pieces. We started to imagine if another family bought our house, the likelihood that they might knock it down, concrete the area level and put up a neat and tidy summer house. That would be a lot of time, materials and money to create a building less useful than ours. And although it might look more conventional, it wouldn’t be any better at providing a comfy and inspiring place to sit and watch the world. Our habitat is just right for us as it is and we’re incredibly fortunate.


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