Friends of many species!

We’ve had lots of company this weekend – we’ve visited family and friends, played with two cats, and also had time to relax in the house and garden and notice the other wildlife companions we share our lives with.

There are still two nests in the garden. The wrens have still not fledged, and the parents zoom past our bedroom window finding plenty of food despite the weather. This year we also have our first ever song thrush nest, and these babies only hatched a week or so ago. Every summer we hear the song thrush but always in a tree in a neighbouring garden, and we wonder why it never sits in ours – but now we have a nest!

While stacking wood, we both experienced having a robin shoot past our head as it flew out of the wood shed. What was it doing in there? Later on, Brian found out, after investigating a tapping noise in there. The robin was attacking its own image in our green man mirror! It was whacking the reflection so hard it left marks all over the glass. The mirror has now been covered up, but the next day, while sitting in the bedroom, we had a visitor:



This little red face appeared at the window twice! It could probably see a vague reflection in the glass, but thankfully not enough to start beating itself up again.

Then there was a big rain shower, while the sun continued to shine. Looking outside, we saw these amazing rainbows. They only lasted a few minutes.


What will we do with the rest of our week? We have lots of projects around the house and garden on our to-do list, and more firewood to collect, but we’re not making any plans and trying to let each day tell us what it wants to be. And we’ll try not to ever get so busy or stressed that we don’t notice the little pairs of eyes that might be noticing us!



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