Appreciating the harvest!

Runner beans for breakfast? Why not! Yesterday we picked a vast quantity and started the day with a big pile of them cooked up with eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon (for Brian) and bread.

They have been amazing this year. The variety is called Enorma, and has the best flavour of any we have tried before. We’re looking forward to lots more runner bean meals.

Then we headed outside again with a big bowl and collected some blackberries.


We were not the only harvesters in the garden. A cheeky squirrel was nicking hazelnuts from the trees we planted. It ran off when it saw us, climbed another tree and sat there removing the husks and looking at us. But we do want to share with our garden wildlife, so we didn’t mind really.

The blackberries were made into jam, just in a regular saucepan.


We didn’t use much sugar, and at first it looked like it wasn’t going to set. Then Brian spotted that we had lemons which were being used to make hummus and added some juice. It certainly set after that! Here it is, stored in mugs. There were 5 in total.


With all that jam the only sensible thing to do was to make a cake of course!


Delicious. We devoted the whole day to collecting, cooking and eating. From time to time we heard the news and were reminded of how fortunate we are to have enough to eat. We love food and for us this means always appreciating what we have.


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